Expected results

INTEGRATE will target

  • improvement of the fab capacity and overall cycle time
  • to decrease cost of ownership of the equipment
  • to improve the simultaneous management of standard and non-standard lots.(high -mix manufacturing)
  • toincrease the product quality, especially for hot lots.

For all these expected results, quantitative objectives are given further in this document.

Expected impact

The capability for Europe to maintain and develop a profitable and consistent manufacturing base is of key strategic relevance both in economic and political terms.

INTEGRATE will help overcoming this challenge by

  • Contributing to the competitiveness of the semiconductor fabrication in Europe
  • Reinforcing local/regional ecosystems with an efficient collaboration scheme. This will finally allow a positive impact on direct and indirect employment and the reinforcement of the regional clusters and pan-European manufacturing network.
7th to 9th October
Semicon Europa 2014 conference
Jan Driessen is invited to give the "Wait-time-waste opportunities in SECS/GEM based 200mm fabs" talk already presented during the APMC conference

7th to 9th April 2014
14th European advanced process control and manufacturing (apc|m) Conference
- Rome Italy

Jan Driessen - NXP semiconductors - Integrate presentation on "Wait-time-waste opportunities in SECS/GEM based 200mm fabs" had been selected as second best talk.

1st January 2013
INTEGRATE is launched